Thanks to these awesome presenters for being a part of TVF2019!


Kendrick Farris

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Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter and one of the athletes featured in the film The Game Changers. Farris adopted a plant-based diet in 2014 and went on to become Team USA’s only male weightlifter to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016. His appearance at TVF2019 was sponsored by fellow Louisianian Ben's Body Basics.


Sustainable Duo

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Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald are two eco-entrepreneurs on a mission to help people decrease their carbon footprint through sustainable living. The Sustainable Duo shared their expertise in eco-friendly plant-based living, permaculture, composting, and more during their "Let's Get Zero-Wasted" presentation at TVF2019.


Carol Adams

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Carol J. Adams is a feminist-vegan advocate, activist, and independent scholar and the author of numerous books including her pathbreaking The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Adams spoke about her newest book, Protest Kitchen, at TVF2019.


Gabrielle Reyes

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Chef Gabrielle Reyes is an actress, singer, and the proud owner of One Great Vegan. Gabrielle is always sharing how to get your glow on! She hosted a musical cooking demo at TVF2019.

La Familia Arias

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La familia Arias es propietaria del restaurante vegano El Palote Panadería. El padre Aurelio y su hijo Aaron presentaron una demostración de cocina en español a TVF2019.

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