Ryan Manchee

Ryan Manchee is the co-owner of Plant Based Grocery and father to two vegan kids.

Six years ago, Ryan was inspired by his vegan wife to eat plant based for a week. That week turned into another week, and after several months he embraced the “v word” realizing the health, ethical, and environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Today, the whole Manchee family is vegan, including their healthy and active eight- and 11-year-old children, as well as their two rescue dogs. The Manchees have successfully navigated birthday parties, school lunches, team sport snacks, yearly check-ups, road trips, and skeptical friends and family while being more mindful about their food, their environmental impact on the planet, and showing compassion for all animals.

Ryan is an executive in the advertising technology industry, which provides him the opportunity to travel the world. When on the road and not in a conference room, he has a passion for supporting new vegan restaurants, vegan grocery stores, and sampling new plant-based snacks from small, local businesses. 

Ryan and his wife, Lisa, own Plant Based Grocery, North Texas’s home for specially curated vegan goods. You can shop Plant Based Grocery at pop-up markets all over Dallas (including Booth 29 at Texas Veggie Fair), seven days a week at their storefront inside Viridescent Kitchen in Plano, and online anytime at