Miss Krystle

Miss Krystle is no newbie to the entertainment scene. As a former Miss American pageant contestant and model with 20 years of experience in the industry as an entertainer and musician herself, Miss Krystle dedicates every aspect of her life to her passion for music, art, and entertainment. A selfdefined AggroPop (aggressive pop) singer and songwriter today, Miss Krystle has expanded her passions into founding her own record label, Dukes Up Records, as well as owning and running her own entertainment law firm Delgado Entertainment Law, PLLC. Miss Krystle additionally fights for Arizona families and children with her charitable foundation, Young Ones United, founded in 2006 to raise awareness and community involvement with child abuse prevention. As a six-year vegan, Miss Krystle openly advocates for healthy living, talks about how a plant-based lifestyle reversed her chronic illnesses in just one week, and participates in vegan festivals as a speaker and performer.