Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Katherine Lawrence-Ireland is a former aerospace engineer and military veteran. While working in aerospace 15 years ago, she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine cysts. Her case was so aggressive, she was told she would be completely infertile and needed to have a full hysterectomy because she was so high risk for endometrial cancer. Rather than have the hysterectomy, Katherine started working with a nutritionist who helped her transition to a whole food, plant-based diet. Through this, she was able to reverse her reproductive problems in about six months time. In addition to healing her reproductive system, she also lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure to healthy levels and rid her breasts of the fibroid cysts she had had since puberty. Several years later, she went on to give birth to three healthy vegan boys! They are two, six, and eight now and thriving on a WFPB diet. 

This new awareness of the healing power of food sparked an obsession in Katherine. She left engineering to study nutrition and has been teaching for 11 years. She teaches nutrition and cooking classes for PCRM and was the national instructor trainer for seven years. She also taught and managed Dr. Colin Campbell’s “Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition” program through eCornell for three years. 

Here in Southlake, Katherine and her husband, Matthew, own “Food Saved Me." Food Saved Me is a Saladmaster cookware dealership that also offers whole-food plant-based cooking classes completely FREE to the community. They teach about 3,000 students every year through these free classes and are affecting change here locally. Katherine specializes in disease prevention through nutrition, so the classes she offers focus on cancer prevention, Type 2 diabetes reversal, heart disease reversal, food addiction and Alzheimer’s prevention. You can find her latest class schedule on

Food Saved Me’s mission is to convert the average American meat-eater to a WFPB diet through education on disease prevention and recovery. They are always looking for guest speakers and partners to help spread the word about this amazing local resource.