Brooke Ali

Owner and General Manager of Viridescent Kitchen, Brooke Ali has been vegan for over nine years and loves to share this passion through healthful and fun vegan fare. Over the past two years, she worked with a non-profit, Ethical Choices Program, where she spoke publicly on how our food affects our health, the environment and the animals. She found that many people want to go plant-based or at least reducetarian, however, it isn’t always easy for them. So, she turned her activism into cooking classes, then pop-ups, and now a restaurant. Brooke was able to control Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism through diet and self-care. She knows first hand how the food we eat and thoughts we consume can have a massive impact on our quality of life. “The reason I felt so strongly about opening a vegan restaurant, is to provide easy access to good tasting vegan food. I’m also allergic to gluten, and find that many others have similar issues. So we created a concept that can be tailored to our guests needs. Our menu offers super healthful options, clearly marked allergens, and fun vegan fare. This way we all win, including the animals!”