Bernadette Fiaschetti

Bernadette Fiaschetti is the founder and host of One Life Radio. She made it her mission in 2011 to educate America about holistic and alternative health, always seeking the truth fearlessly, fighting Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and Big Chemical. She began her career as a business owner by co-founding and creating Pizza Patron and then Wingstop, building both businesses from the ground up. Interestingly enough, she was a vegetarian through the development of both concepts, but never truly understood or was educated about the cruelty in the animal farming industry until much later. Bernadette's life has always been dedicated to animal welfare, starting very young by taking cans of tuna from her dad's small grocery store in upstate New York to feed the stray cats at only seven years old. When Bernadette launched One Life Radio in 2011, she had also just opened Adrift Float Spa in Preston Center, equally as passionate about educating people about the healing power of sensory deprivation and flotation therapy. Bernadette's passion to change the world is contagiously positive!