Thanks to these musicians and DJs for performing at TVF2019!


Miss Krystle

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As a former Miss American pageant contestant and model with 20 years of experience in the industry as an entertainer and musician, Miss Krystle dedicates every aspect of her life to her passion for music, art, and entertainment. A self-defined AggroPop (aggressive pop) singer and songwriter, Miss Krystle has expanded her passions into founding her own record label, Dukes Up Records, as well as owning and running her own entertainment law firm. As a six-year vegan, Miss Krystle openly advocates for healthy living and talks about how a plant-based lifestyle reversed her chronic illnesses in just one week.


Lonesome Doves

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Lonesome Doves are a rocking vegan duo out of Dallas. They have toured through Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. They have released two albums, and their third album, The Dream, will be released this month. Their sound is a combination of folk, country, pop, and rock 'n' roll. 


Loyal Sally

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Loyal Sally is a local band with an out-of-this-world ability to create melodic harmonies on top of the most inspiring, catchy brand of folk-rock. They were nominated for “Best Folk act” by the Dallas Observer, winner of Hard Rock Cafe “Hard Rock Rising,” and regularly get radio play on KNON and KXT. They have a brand new single that was produced by Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup. They are high-energy performers who have played all over DFW, including events like the Deep Ellum Arts Festival (headliner), Frisco Whistlestop Jamboree, and the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase and opening for Bowling for Soup, Monty Montgomery, The Unlikely Candidates, and Shock G of Digital Underground. 


DJ Fitz Lauder

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Fitz Lauder was appointed his role as orator of the nu-disco universe to speak its language with discerning eloquence and electric fluidity. With an unconquered spirit, his passion to relentlessly orate is fueled by divine love and his conviction to grant others happiness by radiating vibrational frequencies of peace and love which is manifested by arpeggios, melodic progressions, heartwarming lyrics and most of all, intergalactic funk.


DJR Music

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DJR Music (Mike Vargas) is a local DJ, producer, and artist specializing in bringing energy and fun without compromising your character. He has written 50+ songs, performed at SXSW, opened for nationally signed artists, and recorded four albums as an independent artist.

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