How much does it cost?

Entry is FREE! Donations are encouraged to help keep the event free of charge. Food, drinks, and products will all be for sale. Some vendors will accept credit cards, but some will take cash only. We will have an ATM on site for your convenience, but it’s best to bring some cash with you just in case.

Is everything at Texas Veggie Fair vegan?

Yes! Texas Veggie Fair is a fully vegan event, and everything inside the Fair gates will be vegan. Please note that food, beverages, and products that are outside the Texas Veggie Fair gates are not guaranteed to be vegan-friendly, as the Dallas Farmers Market will continue its regular operation outside of the event.

How can I get involved?

We are run entirely by volunteers, so we appreciate lots of helping hands! Please sign up HERE if you would like to volunteer with Texas Veggie Fair.

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